Tech support during the COVID-19 closure

The Monticello Central School District Technology Department is a team of professionals comprised of experts in the following areas:

  • Engineering to support the computer network and all of its components
  •  Software to support instruction and our data network
  •  Hardware that includes instruction (All classrooms, students and instructional staff) and administrative computing (Central Office, Business Office, Transportation, Plant Operations, Security, Cafeteria Services, etc.)
  •  Data Management
  •  Inventory
  •  Purchasing
  •  Professional Development on the use of instructional technology

Technology Vision Statement

The vision of the Monticello Central School District Technology Department is to infuse technology into our educational programs so that we will insure our students are life-ready. Technology will act as a support as we change the culture and instructional environment to foster collaboration, personal learning opportunities where students drive their learning, develop and use inquiry skills to gather and interpret information to solve problems and build solutions that are meaningful. Students will have equal access to learning materials in electronic form and will create, research and evaluate information as they become information literate through the use of technology that will lead to the development of skills for their personal and professional future. This process will give students the tools to apply to any opportunity they encounter during the school day and beyond.

Technology Goals

Goal 1 

Build and sustain a reliable network infrastructure to support instructional and administrative computing.

Goal 2

Plan and implement effective professional development programs to create communities of inquiry and knowledge, target student’s accessibility, become embedded in current instructional initiatives.

Goal 3

Integrate instructional technology strategies to improve writing across the content areas K-12.

We plan, design, build and maintain with the following staff members:

Title FTE Employed by
Executive Director of IT/PD 1.0 Monticello
Systems Operator 1.0 Monticello
Network Administrators 2.0 Monticello
Data Communication Engineer .6 OU BOCES
LAN Technician 3.0 Monticello
Technician Assistant .6 OU BOCES
Department Secretary 1.0 Monticello
Instructional Technology Staff Developers 3.0 Monticello
Technology Staff Developer .6 Sullivan BOCES


Every entrance or exit into the district goes through IT. This includes our physical security to get in the door, data security, phone calls, email to parents, documents shared, all plant operations monitoring of any systems, busing our students, copying and more.

We manage these activities with the following:

  • Fiber Optic, copper cabling and wireless network distribution to every corner of the buildings.
  • This network of connectivity allows staff, students, and visitor’s access to information, safety, instruction, business, etc.
  • The many miles of hallways contain several hundreds of miles of network infrastructure to assure that 1000’s of staff and students have access to that information
  • Most days we run between 3000-5000 unique devices. It can be anything from an hour to a 24 hour day
  • We power and cable every classroom and office area with 350 Smartboards or interactive displays, 350 projectors, 500 telephones, wireless access point in every location, 300 printers, 2,000 computers, 1,700 iPads, 1,500 tablets/laptops, 350 security cameras, IOT devices, 60 databases and software. Every building includes virtual reality kits, robotics, and a 3D printer.

Read the district’s Technology Plan here.

Smart School’s Investment Plan Letter of Intent

Smart Schools Investment Plan – 2016-17 Version (Original) – SSIPSecurity