McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act

Every child has the right to be educated, including students experiencing homelessness. They are protected under a federal act known as the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act. 

Under the McKinney-Vento legislation, children have the right to:

  • Continue their education in the school they attended before they became homeless, if feasible and if that is their family’s choice;
  • Receive transportation to the school they attended before their family became homeless;
  • Attend a school and participate in school programs with children who are not homeless. Children cannot be separated from the regular school program because they are homeless;
  • Enroll in school without giving a permanent address. Schools cannot require proof of residency that might prevent or delay school enrollment;
  • Enroll and attend classes while the school arranges for the transfer of school and immunization records or any other documents required for enrollment.

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Contact MCSD’s McKinney-Vento Liaison 

Linda Morgan-Kenny, Monticello CSD McKinney-Vento Liaison
845-794-7700, ext. 10938