About Us

Our Vision:

This Board aspires to build a world-class community of schools, and be a district of choice.

Our Mission:

This Board’s mission is to ensure that each learner is future-ready by providing empowering educational experiences.

Our Goals:

Student success

a puzzle piece icon with the words student success on itThis Board will provide a holistic education comprised of extensive curricular and extra-curricular experiences that empower each individual student to conquer challenges, develop talents, and discover passions, while sustaining rigor and achieving evidence-based academic growth.

Community engagement

orange puzzle piece graphic with the words community engagement and an icon of hands shaking This Board will strive to build authentic relationships rooted in trust, transparency and two-way communication with all constituents. We will actively seek avenues to partner with local organizations and agencies to increase our network of resources to improve and support life-long learning opportunities for our community.

School culture

graphic of a blue puzzle piece with the words school culture and a blue heart This Board will foster an inclusive culture that sparks community pride, emphasizes kindness and respect and ensures that all students, staff and visitors are valued and supported in safe, secure, orderly and clean appropriately effective facilities.

Fiscal responsibility

a green puzzle piece graphic with the words fiscal responsibility written on it This Board will fortify its financial assets through long-term, strategic planning that aims to consistently maximize district improvements while minimizing taxpayer impact.