Health & Wellness Education

Student health & wellness needs to take a dynamic approach for our students to grow and develop their health skills.  The Monticello Central School District provides a skills-based age-appropriate, experiential curriculum, which focuses individualized specific health content to students in middle and high school. Skills based health education focuses on developing the knowledge, attitudes, values, and life skills that young people need to make and act on the most appropriate and positive health related decisions. Individuals who possess these skills are likely to adopt and sustain a healthy lifestyle during their school years and throughout the rest of their lives. Ultimately, this will empower our students to pursue a healthy lifestyle.  

RJK Middle School can be view here:  

Health & Wellness Education I curriculum 

Health & Wellness Education II curriculum.  

The Monticello High School health curriculum is a well-rounded program whose topics include mental health, nutrition and fitness, alcohol, marijuana and other drugs, pregnancy and parenting education.

Health Screening and Immunizations

The New York State Education Department requires physical exams and immunizations for students in various grade levels. Go to Health Services for more information.

Please contact your child’s school nurse or teacher if you have any questions.

5405 – Student Wellness Policy