Athletic Eligibility

Interscholastic athletics for boys and girls is an integral and desirable part of the district’s secondary school educational program. Individual and team sports shall be based upon comprehensive physical education instruction and intramural activities, seeking broad participation from all eligible secondary students. Lifetime or carry-over sports are to be particularly encouraged and sup­ported. Parity in the number and kind of sports activities for girls and boys is a clear objective of the district. Student eligibility for participation on interscholastic teams shall include:

  1. authorization by the school physician;
  2. written parent or guardian consent (the written consent will contain information for parents on mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) and will provide a link to the State Education Department’s web page on TBI); and
  3. endorsement by the Director of Athletics based on established rules and various league and State Education Department regulations.

Although the district will take reasonable care to protect student athletes, students may still sustain injuries. In order to most effectively ensure student safety, open communication between students, parents and coaches about the child’s medical condition is critical. Coaches, and other appropriate staff, will receive guidance and training regarding recognition of injury and removal of the student athlete from play in the event of injury. Parents and/or students are expected to report injuries so that student health can be protected.

In the case of a suspected or actual head injury, a student must be removed from play immediately. In order to resume participation following injury, including head injury, the student needs to receive medical clearance. The Superintendent, in consultation with appropriate district staff, including the school physician, will develop regulations and procedures to guide the process of return to play.

In recognition of the importance of appropriately managing head injuries, the Board authorizes the creation of a Concussion Management Team (CMT). The CMT will be comprised of the athletic director, a school nurse, the school physician, a coach of an interscholastic team, an athletic trainer (if one is available) and other appropriate personnel if deemed necessary by the Superintendent. The CMT is charged with overseeing compliance with state training requirements, developing guidelines for use by coaches and physical education teachers and developing information for distribution to parents and students.

Academic Eligibility

This policy applies to every student of the Monticello Central School District. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of their academic status and work towards eligibility.

Three States of Eligibility:

  1. Eligible – Student is passing all courses. Student can attend and participate in all extra-curricular activities.
  2. Probation Eligible – Student is failing one course. Student can attend and participate in all extra-curricular activities.
  3. Ineligible – Student is failing two or more courses. Student can attend extra-curricular activities, participate in practices/meetings, but cannot participate in performances, school dances, or contests.


  1. Eligibility will be checked approximately every 10 in-session school days.
  2. Any student failing one class will be Probation Eligible.
  3. A student becomes ineligible if he/she has 2 or more failing grades in a grade reporting period.
  4. All student work must be turned into the teacher by the teacher’s designated time. Please note that work turned in within two days of the end of the instructional period of time might not be reflected by the time of the eligibility report.
  5. The failure lists will be generated through SchoolTool. Students are responsible for checking SchoolTool for their Probation Eligible or Ineligible status. Advisors will be informed through building administration and coaches will be informed of the lists through the Athletic Director.
  6. Advisors/Coaches are responsible for enforcing the ineligibility period.
  7. Students who are on the Ineligible list may attend extra-curricular activities and school-sponsored events as spectators, will participate in practices/meetings as member of the team/club/activity, will attend at the advisors/coaches professional discretion but cannot participate in performances or contests as a member of the team/club/activity. Students will participate in performances in connection with course requirements.
  8. Any student who fails two or more courses for the year in June will be Ineligible for the start of the following year. If summer school is offered and the student passes the courses she/he failed then they will be Eligible following the conclusion of summer school.
  9. Any student who fails two or more courses in the 4th marking period, despite passing the course(s) overall, will begin the following year on the Probation Eligible list. Advisors/Coaches will create and promote opportunities for students to achieve passing grades in all courses.
  10. Any student who is ineligible will be expected to attend after-school tutorials for a minimum of one hour beginning at 2:30-4:30 pm. Student-Athletes and students participating in clubs & activities who are ineligible will be required to attend afterschool tutorials beginning at 2:30 pm to meet team/club/activity requirements. Students will be evaluated during this time using a rubric. Eligibility may be reviewed on the 6th in-session school day of ineligibility by student request through their guidance counselor. The student will have had to attend all scheduled mandatory tutorials since the eligibility report publish date, unless there is an approved absence and complete them at a satisfactory level as per the rubric. Students will return to eligibility following the review by successfully meeting course/class requirements or by committee recommendation to be considered for early eligibility.

Appeals to a students’ ineligibility status may be reviewed by a panel of school professionals.

Athletic Placement Process (formerly Selection/Classification)

The Board permits students in grades 7 and 8 who wish to play at the freshman, junior varsity or varsity level in all sports to do so provided they can complete the entire Athletic Placement Process (APP). A description of the APP is available from the district’s Athletic Director.

Course Credit

In accordance with existing Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, the Board of Education will permit students in grades 10-12 to receive credit towards high school graduation equivalent to physical education for participation in inter­scholastic athletics. Such credit will, in addition to other requirements, be contingent upon proven cardiovascular and physical fitness and competency in lifetime or carry-over sports. Standards for such fitness and competency shall be developed by the administration.