Monticello High School Health Curriculum

Course Outline


High School Health Education

The goal of the High School Health and Wellness Course is to empower students to develop and acquire knowledge, skills and attitude so that they may develop and maintain lifelong health and wellness.  This will include selected topics which are included in the following areas (Health is a NYS graduation requirement):

Violence and Mental Health

  • Communication
  • Mental Health
  • Bullying
  • Domestic Violence

Nutrition and Fitness

  • Eating Disorders
  • MyPlate

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs

Pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and Other STD’s and Parenting Education

Student Expectations:

In order for students to be successful they must:

  1. Attend all classes
  2. Come to class prepared
  3. Follow school and classroom rules
  4. Actively participate in class
  5. Complete all required assignments
  6. All assignments are found and submitted on Schoology

Extra Help:

Extra help will be arranged with the teachers.

Teacher Contact Information:

Mrs. K. Alvarez, Health Education Teacher –  

Ms. S. Anderson, Special Education Teacher –


  • Assignment book (provided by the school)
  • IPad (provided by the school district) No student may use their cell phone to complete assignments in class.  If they choose to bring in their own device, they are responsible for it, not the school.  


All assignments and resources are found on Schoology.  You must submit all assignments electronically; NO assignments will be accepted on paper, or written out and then submitted by picture! All assignments must be typed!  

Your grade on Schoology does not reflect the 0s on SchoolTool.  For your current overall grade, please see SchoolTool; for your grade on a specific assignment, you may look at Schoology.

You will have a final exam in this class. It is important to remember that there are no make-ups for final exams. If you are absent, you will earn a 0.

All students will have class time to complete their assignments. If they do not utilize their time wisely or do not complete it in class, it is their responsibility to complete it prior to the due date. Class time is always provided to complete projects and assignments with extended time built in.

All late assignments will result in a deduction of 25% as per the Board of Education policy.

If you would like to be contacted any way other than email, please contact the teachers to let them know, otherwise all contact will be via email.