Cooperative District Education Plan

This Cooperative District Education Plan (CDEP) is created by Monticello’s Shared Decision-Making Team. The purpose of the school-based planning and decision-making team is to address topics which lead to the continuous improvement of the educational performance and life skills needed to succeed for all students in the Monticello Central School District.

Comprehensive planning provides the school district with a process to improve student achievement and a tool to change school culture. It is a continuous improvement process, not a one-time product. Planning focuses district resources on student learning and makes districts more effective. It increases collaboration and coordination.

The Monticello Central School District Shared Decision-Making Team developed this plan with the beliefs that:

  • All students learn and can successfully meet learning standards;
  • The focus will be on measurable results;
  • The aim should be for mastery, not minimum competency;
  • We will provide students with the academic, social and emotional skills to be successful in life;
  • The means should be provided to foster student social and emotional growth and development;
  • There will be responsibility with accountability for all constituencies (board, administration, instructional and non-instructional staff, parents, students and the community at large) to support the progress toward identified goals; and
  • We will continuously review and revise our policies and practices to ensure greater success of our school community.

The district’s goals include:

  1. 87 percent graduation rate by 2020;
  2. 65 percent proficiency in reading and math competency as measured by NWEA MAP Growth and the Reading Inventory assessments;
  3. Improved attendance rates;
  4. Improved school culture as measured by the Threat-Rigidity survey for staff and the survey for students.

Attached are the building leadership team plans for each of the five schools in the district.