Unofficial results of May 16 budget vote and BOE election

The following are the unofficial results of the Monticello Central School District budget vote and Board of Education election:

Proposition 1 (budget vote): Passed

  • Yes: 851
  • No: 242

Board of Education member elections:

  • Seat of Adrianna Mayson Greco:
    • Rosemary Berson: 512
    • Adrianna Mayson Greco: 576
  • Seat of Wendy Galligan Weiner:
    • Lisa Maranzana: 503
    • Wendy Galligan Weiner: 587
  • Seat of Helen Jersey:
    • Helen Jersey: 548
    • Mary Beth Bastone: 543

There were eight (8) affidavit ballots cast. Since the race for the seat of Helen Jersey is within this margin, the Board of Education will hold a special meeting to canvas these affidavit ballots.

All results are unofficial. The board of education will certify the results once the affidavit ballots have been appropriately reviewed and tallied or rejected.

More information will be shared tomorrow and at the Board’s May 17 meeting.