The 100th day at George L. Cooke Elementary School

Armani Martinez is holding a piece of paper that has a photo of himself and a drawing of what he imagines he'll look like at 100 years of age. He is making a funny face.
Armani Martinez imagines himself as a centenarian.

On Friday, Feb. 21 the entire George L. Cooke Elementary School community celebrated the 100th day of school. Each classroom participated in 100 day activities led by staff members wearing 100 day t-shirts. The celebrations looked different in each grade — some students dressed up as if they were 100 years old, others brought in a collection of 100 objects. 

In Tara Komatz’s fifth-grade classroom, students solved 100 math problems. Brianne Liebman’s kindergarten students took photos using a filter than transformed them into centenarians. 

Cheers to 100 days of learning! 

Mrs. Franzone and her students are wearing 100th day t-shirts and smiling
Mrs. Franzone’s class poses for the camera during activities.
two fifth grade students are holding up a display of the math problems
Two fifth-grade students show off 100 math problems.
Stephen Padin is seated at a table and wearing a "100-year-old" costume.
Stephen Padin dressed up as a 100-year-old version of himself.