Statement from SCSBA regarding reopening guidelines

Sullivan County School Boards Association (SCSBA)
President Stacey Sharoff
Vice President Anthony Sinacore
Treasurer Dr. Kenneth Hilton
Executive Director Tania DeFrank


Dear Sullivan County Community,

Recognizing that the Covid-19 pandemic has undermined the learning of all of our children, with its greatest harm on those students who can least afford it, we all want to see our schools fully open and all children able to attend school in-person.  All school districts are bound by the guidelines set by Governor Cuomo, Center for Disease Control (CDC), New York State Education Department (NYSED), and the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH), as well as input from county Public Health and local government officials.  School Boards and Administrations across the county continue to work diligently to find ways to increase capacity within the confines of the requirements that have been set forth and to that end, our Sullivan County schools are open to the extent possible under the regulations.

  • Many schools across New York State have been shuttered, relying solely on remote learning for all students.  These schools are now making headlines as they begin to reopen and offer the hybrid programing most of Sullivan County has been doing since September.
  • Recently released information from the CDC regarding an update of guidance for schools to follow has not changed the basic parameters originally established.  Districts must comply with regulations set forth by the Sullivan County and New York State Departments of Health. 
  • Pandemic response has required our school districts to shift resources to meet the demands for PPE, physical barriers, health safety equipment and such.  As we move forward in implementing additional opportunities for in-person learning, we must remain compliant with 6-foot social distancing, masking, school and transportation sanitizing and, additional mitigating safety measure requirements.  As these expenses were unanticipated and unfunded, rural area such as ours have been and will continue to be impacted causing a financial burden on our district budgets and ultimately our taxpayers.  We will continue to be fiscally mindful of balance as we plan on increasing curricular and extra-curricular learning experiences for all students.

Our students are our future and we must continue to provide the best possible education and support social-emotional wellness in a safe environment for all despite the pandemic.  We know this work as we transition out of this pandemic will not be easy but, we are unified in our commitment to all of our children. 


The Central School Districts of Sullivan County

Eldred, Fallsburg, Liberty, Livingston Manor, Monticello, Roscoe, Tri-Valley, Sullivan West and Sullivan County BOCES c/o 259 Revonah Hill Road, Liberty NY 12754  (845) 866-6946