Robert J. Kaiser Middle School students receive donation of new high-end 3D printer

Mr. Oefelein and Mr. Music are standing with the new printer between them
Mr. Oefelein and Mr. Music post with the donated 3-D printer.

The turn-around time for Robert J. Kaiser Middle School Technology Teacher William Oefelein’s students’ creations to be printed is about to get shorter, thanks to a generous donation from Richard Music. Mr. Music, who used to work for 3-D printer manufacturer Stratasys, and who used to maintain Robert J. Kaiser Middle School’s existing machines, recently donated a uPrint SE Plus. The unit is a high-end 3D printer that costs $20,000 brand new. Mr. Music had it in his possession and decided to donate the unit to RJK, knowing that it would be in good hands in Mr. Oefelein’s care.

“Mr. Oefelein has worked with these machines before, and he knows how to use them well,” Mr. Music said. “I knew the machine would be put to good use here.”

Mr. Oefelein’s work with his students in 3-D printing and manufacturing is well-known, and he is grateful and excited for the new addition, which will join the school’s three other 3-D printers.

“Usually, it takes about 24 hours to print a project,” he said. “The new printer will help increase capacity and our students will be able to do more in less time. I’m very grateful to Mr. Music for this donation.”

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Whether near or far, RJK students are learning hands on lessons in 3-D design and printing