Positively RJK – Week of 04/26/21 – 04/30/21

“Positively RJK” recognizes students who have received a positive referral from their teacher in the previous week. Congratulations to the following students: 

Positive Records

Week of 04/26/21 – 04/30/21

Rebecca Frey-Ramos – 6th – 8th grade Instructor

Trista Mann                                                                                                        Kent Johnson McKnight

Antonio Flores                                                                                                   Hannah Robinson

Kayla Popp                                                                                                          Alana Ware-Glover

Lisa Darbee – 7th grade Social Studies

Shannon Hyde

Kristen Woods – 8th grade Instructor

Tasha Mann

Scott Cooper – Health Instructor

Ryleigh Schoonmaker

Lois Scamihorn – Main Office Clerical

Timothy Kyles

Tracey Orlan – 7th grade ELA Instructor

Nariah Reyes

Rebeca Perez – Principal’s Secretary

Brayden Davis                                                                                                    Madison Beasley

Macy Miros                                                                                                        Stephan Akbar

Laurie Oshinsky – 6th grade Guidance Counselor

Carielys Soto Cruz

Maureen Garcia-Mogan – 6th grade Instructor

Natalie Torres Hernandez