MHS students learn math concepts by creating graham cracker houses

Students in Denise Steixner’s Math 11 course at Monticello High School have been learning to calculate central tendencies — mean, median, mode and range. Eventually, the students will be able to use these skills to apply them to a more in-depth project, but for now, they are learning how to calculate these concepts. 

To help the lesson come alive, and to add in a little holiday fun, Ms. Steixner provided the students with graham crackers, and instructed them to construct a house using glue. It wasn’t as easy as it seemed, as students needed to problem solve, and have patience while the “glue” dried. Then, students completed a worksheet, where they needed to calculate either the mean, median, mode or range of a set of data in order to discover how many of each candy they needed to be able to use to decorate their house. 

It was a fun way for students to hone in on these important skills!