MHS students learn about addiction and recovery from a familiar face

A woman in a blue t-shirt is addressing a classroom filled with high school-aged studentsSecurity Attendant Robbin Dockery is a familiar face at Monticello High School. Many students know her as the friendly security attendant who helps keep the building safe. What many students don’t know is the path that led her to her current role today. In the past, Ms. Dockery struggled with substance abuse, and this month she celebrates her 29th year of sobriety. 

When Katie Alvarez’s health classes began their unit on drugs, alcohol and tobacco, Ms. Dockery visited the classrooms to share her story. She was open and honest with the students as she discussed her addiction to crack, cocaine and alcohol, and her journey through recovery.

“Not only does Ms. Dockery work as a member of our security team, she also is a drug and alcohol counselor, helping others on their own path to sobriety,” Ms. Alvarez said. “We are so lucky to have her in our corner.”