Third-graders take virtual trip to Israel

While “Traveling Around the World,” teaching assistant Sharone Reef took Mrs. Snow’s third-grade class at the Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School to her hometown , Caesarea, which lies on the Mediterranean Sea in Israel.

Ms. Reef is standing on a beach with old columns in the foreground. She is smiling for the camera
Ms. Reef’s first stop is always Caesarea Beach.

Anytime Ms. Reef visits Israel, her first stop after disembarking the plane (after saying “hello” to her family, of course) is to the beautiful Caesarea Beach. Ms. Reef described the incredible ancient Roman ruins that are directly on the beach and even a city built a few thousand years ago that is now submerged right off the coast. She showed the class photos of 2,000-year-old Roman mosaic tile floors and ancient structures that you can walk on right by the sea.

a woman is holding a piece of tile and showing it to the class
Ms. Reef showed off some of the ancient tiles she has collected through the years.

Ms. Reef brought in numerous ancient artifacts that she collected while combing the beach over the years.  She let the students examine and hold the 2,000-year-old Roman mosaic tiles she had collected and even had ancient pottery handles that she believes are even older than the tiles because of where she found them. Ms. Reef also generously gave some of the Roman tiles to the third grade to keep.

The experience was truly a treasure trove, not only because of the amazing ancient artifacts the students got to hold, but also because of the incredible knowledge the students gained of Israel and Ms. Reef’s incredible beach at Caesarea.

Ms. Reef is showing students some of the tiles. The students are crowded around a table looking down at the mosaics. students are standing around a table

a class is smiling, standing at the front of a class room