MCSD will pay certified substitute teachers $200 per day in new “floating per diem” positions

superintendent of schools matt evans is standing in the front of a classroom
Superintendent of Schools Dr. Matthew Evans steps in as a substitute teacher.

Like many school districts across the nation, the Monticello Central School District is facing a critical shortage of substitute teachers. These shortages, combined with quarantines, staff illnesses and existing vacancies, have caused disruptions to the district’s schedule, with schools needing to pivot to remote instruction when there are insufficient staff available to teach and supervise students. While the district has been working diligently to find ways to prevent these situations, including the superintendent stepping in to sub when feasible, the disruptions continue.

In an effort to attract qualified substitute teachers, the district has created five new “floating per diem substitute” positions that would pay $200 per day, well above the county’s average daily rate of $113 for a certified substitute with a bachelor’s degree. These new positions would guarantee 175 days of work in the school year, offer the opportunity for substitutes to enroll in the district’s health insurance, and invite substitutes to participate in professional development opportunities. Each substitute would be assigned to a specific building to help nurture a strong bond with the school’s staff and provide familiarity and continuity for the students.

There are two positions available at Robert J. Kaiser Middle School, two positions available at Monticello High School and one position available at Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School. Applicants must hold a valid New York State Teaching License.

“Our district believes that in-person instruction is key to students’ academic and emotional success,” District Public Information Officer Courtney Bonfante said. “However, in-person instruction continues to be challenged by our staffing shortage. We are hopeful that these new positions, with their higher rates, will help attract qualified, passionate substitute teachers, while also providing up and coming teachers with an exceptional opportunity to become part of a school community, enhance their classroom skills with free professional development and provide a consistent, reliable source of income.”

For more information, or to apply, visit:, or click the “employment” tab on the top navigation menu of the district’s website.