George Cooke Elementary students create traps to catch Santa Claus

Two students of Ms. Ruston building their Santa "trap".

Ms. Ruston’s 2nd grade class made “traps” to catch Santa Claus based on the holiday story

Santa Claus is coming to town, maybe? Students of Ms. Ruston’s second grade class read “How to Catch Santa” by Jean Reagan and were given the task of building their own “traps” to catch Santa Claus.

With a partner, students used supplies from a “mystery” bag to create their traps. Items in the bag included paper towel rolls, paper plates, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, sewing pins, beaded necklaces and more.

Once completed, students presented their traps to fellow classmates and answered questions about their Santa-nabbing devices.

Not only was this a fun holiday activity, it was also a unique exercise to teach students about the power of teamwork. A fitting lesson for the holiday season.

One girl building her Santa "trap" and another girl looking through an empty paper towel roll.

One team of students building their Santa "trap" out of supplies from mystery bag and another team presenting their Santa "trap" to their classmates.