Instructional Resources for middle school students during the COVID-19 closure

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This page is frequently updated as information becomes available. Please continue to check back for the most up-to-date information. If you have any questions or concerns regarding instruction during the closure, please reach out to your child’s teacher or guidance counselor.  

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Grading procedure


Remote Learning Schedule:  

A and B day schedule: 

Monday and  Wednesday: “A” Days 
Tuesday and Thursday: “B” Days 
Friday: Instructional Catch Up Day 

Teachers will use the schedule below for planning video discussions/instruction and office hours so there are no scheduling conflicts for students and other classes.   

Period 1: 8:45 -9:29 a.m. 
Period 2:  9:32-10:14 a.m. 
Period 3: 10:17-10:59 a.m. 
Period 4: 11:02-11:44 a.m. 
Period 5:  11:47 a.m. -12:29 p.m. 
Period 6:  12:32-1:14 p.m. 
Period 7: 1:17-1:59 p.m. 
Period 8:  2:02-2:44 p.m. 
Period 9: 2:47-3:29 p.m. 

Secondary Grading in the 3rd and 4th Marking Periods and Awarding Course Credit  

An Informational Guide for Students & Parents/Guardians 

The Monticello Central School District has taken careful consideration for the unique circumstances our students are in as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This 2019-2020 grading procedure reflects our effort to support the academic success of every student.  

Marking Period 3 

Marking Period 3 ends April 21, 2020. Percentage grades will be given for the Marking Period 3 based on the following criteria: 

  • The basis for Marking Period 3 grades will consist of assignments and assessments provided/administered prior to March 12, 2020. 
  • Any extra credit or the retaking of assignments or assessments will be reflected in the third quarter grade by course.  Contact the teacher of that course with any questions. 

Marking Period 4 

The following criteria will be used to determine Marking Period 4 grades and awarding course credit: 

  • Marking Period 4 assignments/assessments consist of new learning from April 8, 2020 forward. 
  • Students will have an option of having their Marking Period 4 work assessed as Pass/Fail or with a percentage grade. Students have until the end of Marking Period 4 to make this determination and will be given the opportunity to notify the teacher of that course directly. Unless otherwise stated by the student, the default Marking Period 4 grade is a percentage. 
  • If the Marking Period 4 grade would lower a student’s overall average, then the grade will be noted, but not used in the overall course average. If the grade would raise the student’s overall average, then it will be entered as the fourth quarter percentage grade and included in the overall course average. If a student elects to take the Pass/Fail option, the choice will be noted, but not used in the overall course average. 
  • A student’s cumulative or final year grade, per course, will be the average of the first three quarters/marking periods, or all four quarters/marking periods, whichever is higher. 

*The above guidance does not apply to College in the Classroom courses. 

June 2020 Regents 

All June Regents and Spanish Proficiency exams are cancelled for June 2020.

If you were scheduled to take a Spanish Proficiency or Regents exam in June, you are exempt from the exam.  That means you don’t have to take it and you will never have to take it as long as you pass the course at the conclusion of this school year in June of 2020. 

If you fail a course that ends in a Spanish Proficiency or Regents exam in June, but attend summer school and pass the course, you WILL NOT have to take the Regents in August. Keep in mind that at this point we do not know what summer school will look like; whether it will be a traditional classroom experience or online learning.

If you fail a course that ends in a Regents exam in June and do not complete the course in summer school, you will have to meet course requirements in the future. That means…WORK HARD NOW AND PASS YOUR CLASSES THIS YEAR!!!!!