Cooke students are getting the garden ready for planting

Students of the George L. Cooke Elementary School have been waiting for warmer weather to gear up the garden for planting. The Student Council from the after-school program joined forces with the Garden Club to help first grade teacher Dennis Lankau get the garden ready for the planting season.

A young girl in a bright blue shirt uses a garden hoe, a boy with garden gloves on hsas his hands in the garden box dirt while another girl stands next to them with her gloves on smiling.
First-grade students Milania Rodriguez, Khamila Cabrer, and Christopher Kirk clean up one of the garden beds.

Some students raked up the leaves, while others picked up the sticks around the garden. The students even cleaned out some of the garden beds too.

Two young elementary school age boys help out their teacher at a vegatable garden box.
Fourth-grade student Shaun Brenner and third grader Robert Kirk help Mr. Lankau loosen the dirt in the garden beds.

The students will plant tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, herbs and many other vegetables and fruits for our farm-to-table items in our Cooke Café.