Congratulations to the NHS inductees

a group of students are on stage Tuesday, May 2, 2023 was Monticello High School’s National Honor Society Induction. Families, friends, and teachers attended to see 47 high school students achieve this significant milestone. Elizabeth Bassett, National Honor Society advisor, began the evening, acknowledging student achievement and families in attendance. Then, MHS Principal Stephen Wilder gave a a warm welcome, including sharing his hope “that each of these students will remain driven to explore and pursue their individual greatness and to continuously recreate the best version of themselves.” After recognizing attending BOE and administrative members — Wendy Galligan-Weiner, Helen Jersey and Superintendent Dr. Evans — he introduced the evening’s key note guest speaker, MHS English teacher Karen Collura. Mrs.Collura concluded her speech by asking the inductees to  “continue to maintain your honesty and integrity, especially when pressed, and please demonstrate kindness and offer grace- two things that always seem to be in such short supply but in great demand. This ceremony is your official entry into this obligation of honorable, responsible behavior in service to others.” 
Next, current officers, President Irvin Oestrich, Co-vice Presidents Eddie Chen and So Ree Chon, Treasurer Michael Feltman, Secretary Allison Weinstein, read off short student biographies to introduce each student as the 47 students were called individually, escorted by an influential person of their choice, to take the stage, light the candle, and sign in as an official member of the National Honor Society. 

Congratulations to the inductees of 2023:

Anthony Belgiovene 
Nathan Borko 
Gabby Brumbaugh 
Asia Butler-legree 
Hanna Cavello 
Eloni Chapman-brown 
Victoria Collins 
Brielle Dicio 
Alexandra Dietz 
Inacio Figueiredo 
Ann Marie Flores 
Alyssa Gandy 
Patrick Glowacki 
Lyana Granados 
Dylan Hardy 
Tamar Hour
Jennifer Huerta 
Shanjida Islam 
Caleb Joyce 
Jordanna Martinez 
Chase Mcfarland 
Benjamin Megna 
Joshua Miller 
Osvin Monroy Escobar 
Taylor Morant 
Kaitlyn Morse 
Kimanda Noble 
Merlin Oestrich 
Robert Pape-laucella 
Mahi Patel 
Samuel Perez
Nevaeh Reyes 
Chelsea Reynolds 
Zachary Roosa 
Didi San Miguel 
Adisyn Somers 
Kritika Talukder 
Ava Toledo 
Jayda Valentin
 Sophia Vandermark 
Isabella Velasquez 
Chelsea Walz 
Kaitlyn Weiss 
Ella Werbalowsky 
Sanna Woytowick 
Rachel Zirt 
Taylor Zirt