Congratulations to our October Spotlights

Kudos to our October spotlights who exemplify this month’s Life-Ready skill of “Awareness.” These fine folks, submitted and described by their building/department leadership team, know that you can’t get to where you need to go, unless you know where you’re starting from. Read on to learn more! 

Emma C. Chase Elementary School – Tamara Coney 

three students stand next to a tower they made in Mrs. Coney's physical education class “Our spotlight employee this month at the Emma C. Chase School is our Physical Education teacher, Mrs. Coney. She teaches the value of life ready skills and awareness to our students through sports and character building. Last week Mrs. Coney demonstrated the value of perseverance for students attempting to make the largest giant cup stacking tower. Thank you for all you do!” – Emma C. Chase Elementary School Leadership Team  


Monticello High School – Amy Ross 

amy ross stands in her office “Amy Ross is an exemplary model of this month’s life ready trait of awareness.  As a teacher involved in a specific program, Mrs. Ross has to be fully aware of her students’ needs and abilities in order to be able to have them successfully volunteering and working in our building and our community.  She helps her students embody all of the life ready traits so that they can have some independence once they graduate.  Additionally, as one of the yearbook advisors, Mrs. Ross has to be fully aware of our schedule and deadlines in order to have school pictures and a successful yearbook printed before the end of the school year.  Mrs. Ross is a veteran teacher and has had a successful career in our district. We are proud of the amazing work she continues to do every single day,” Monticello High School Leadership Team 

Robert J. Kaiser Middle School, Jessi-Ann Rosenbaum

jessi-ann rosenbaum holds a banner with nick millas Jessi-Ann has stepped up to be the advisor of the Friends of Rachel Club.  Jessi-Ann supports students in our COPE room to aid in students deescalation before they return to class.  Jessi-Ann is the perfect person to support the vision of being kind to others.  She is kind and gentle with students who are having a challenging time and express that through anger and avoidance.  She has been eager to support all students to make RJK a better place to work and learn.

George L. Cooke Elementary School, Mrs. Clarissa Rivera and Mr. David Coon

mr. coon and ms. rivera sit in a class“Mrs. Rivera began the year with her colleague, Mrs. Cleary.  They planned what would be best for their students and the schedule in order to get it all in.  Mrs. Cleary then needed to take some time.  We were thrilled to be able to have Mr. Coon step in and help the ENL students and to work with Mrs. Rivera.  Together they have been a force of positivity.  They make sure they are aware of each of their students needs and they discuss ways to address those needs.  They are aware of the space it takes to “push-in” to a classroom for their instruction, and how to do it so important to make it flow.  They each take time to let the students know how hard they are working, and provide that extra encouragement when things are difficult.  We are very thankful for their AWARENESS!

The George L. Cooke team is thrilled to have faculty that use the skill of AWARENESS to make a positive impact on student outcomes,” – George L. Cooke Leadership Team 

Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School – Julia Zanger

Julia Zanger is standing and smiling

“This month we are focusing on the life skill of “awareness.”   Julia Zanger, Rutherford Elementary Speech Pathologist takes the time each year to raise awareness about speech and language disorders.  During Better Hearing and Speech Month, Mrs. Zanger holds an informational breakfast and provides an opportunity for the faculty and staff to learn  the signs to look for when working with our students in the classroom.  She has helped the faculty understand the importance of early intervention and treatment, which  can lead to success in the classroom and life.  Julia Zanger is truly an amazing person and we are privileged to have her as a member of the Rutherford faculty,” – KLR Leadership Team