College in the Classroom scholarships available for two SUPA courses

Apply by March 15 for SUPA College in the Classroom scholarships

Monticello High School students entering grades 11 and 12 for the 2021-2022 school year have the opportunity to receive scholarships to take college-level courses through Syracuse University Project Advance.

Scholarships are available for two of those courses – Human Development and Sport and Black History at Monticello High School.

Fifteen scholarships are available for each of the courses. See below for a description of each.

Please return the scholarship application for one or both courses via email to Mary Ellen Hurley, Social Studies Department Instructional Leader at by March 15.

Human Development and Sport

Attention  students in grades 10 and 11. Have you never taken a college credit-bearing course before? Have you taken a college credit class but the cost in taking another is overwhelming? Are you a student-athlete interested in a sports-related major in college? Are you interested in taking a college course to get a feel for what college will be like?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, MCSD has an answer! There will be 15 tuition scholarships for a new course being offered  through Syracuse University Project Advance. Student-athletes are given priority for scholarships. These will be awarded to senior applicants first and then juniors. All are welcome to apply.

Course Information:

Human Development and Sport (Elective)

1/2 year; 1/2 HS credit; 3 Syracuse University credits

Human Development and Sport examine the dynamics of youth development, social change, and social inclusion in the context of sport. Students examine perspectives of youth development and principles of sport that facilitate personal, social, and cultural development. Students explore ways in which sport-for-development programs provide positive environments and opportunities for collaboration, social change, inclusion, and human enrichment. The connections of sport-based initiatives to community, national, and global development issues are explored. This is a great elective for anyone interested in sports and/or pursuing an athletic career choice.


Black History at Monticello High School

Course offerings with content centered around persons of color and experiencing history through a different lens have been scarce in many of our nation’s high schools. In order to address that need, MCSD will be working with Syracuse University in piloting this new course. MCSD is offering 15 scholarships for a college credit-bearing course offered through Syracuse University Project Advance. The course is open to all juniors and seniors. The scholarships will give preference to seniors and to those who have never taken a dual-credit SUPA course before.

Course Information:

Introduction to African American Studies (Elective)

1/2 year, 1/2 HS credit; 3 Syracuse University credits

AAS 112 introduces central themes that comprise the interdisciplinary subject of African American Studies. Also referred to as Africana Studies, African Diaspora Studies, or African and African American Studies, the field places the study of North Americans of African descent in a broader context that considers connections to the African continent and to other people of the African Diaspora. This framework enables students to explore common and divergent experiences and identities among varied Black populations.


All students are welcome to apply for one or both scholarships opportunities. Any questions,  contact Ms. Hurley via email. You must be in the 11th or 12th grade during the 2021-2022 school year to be eligible to enroll in these courses.


Explore the curriculum bulletin for more information about other course offerings in the social sciences. These include: Introduction to Sociology, Foundations of Human Behavior (Introductory Psychology Course), Introduction to Policy Studies (student also receive HS credit for Government when they take this course), Economics (will also receive dual credit for this course) and two United States History courses.