A walkway of positive affirmations

Students in Sarah Davis’ class at Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School decorated the walkway in front of the school building with positive affirmations during their weekly Social Emotional Wellness (SEW) class.
SEW Coordinator Jill Yanetta read The Bad Seed to the class — a story of a sunflower seed who learns its never too late to change bad behavior to good behavior. After finishing the book, the class headed out into the beautiful sunshine and wrote encouraging words on the sidewalk with chalk. Teacher Assistant Zachary Ames held up a list of prompts, including “you are strong,” “you are kind,” and “you matter,” to get the kids thinking about what message they wanted to create for their peers to read when they walk into the school.
Positive words, lead to positive thoughts, which lead to positive actions!
a student is smiling a student is smiling a student is drawing on the sidewalk a student is smiling a student is smiling three students and two teachers are posing