Threats of violence made on social media unfounded—district will remain open on Friday, Dec. 17

Monticello Central School District is aware of widespread rumors and media attention regarding potential school violence on December 17, 2021. Following discussions with Sullivan County District Attorney Meagan Galligan and other local law enforcement agencies, we will be open for in-person instruction on Friday, December 17.

According to Ms. Galligan (see the press release below), there are no current credible threats against any Monticello CSD school, and that the social media postings about school violence on December 17 do not relate to Sullivan County.

We will continue to have additional law enforcement agencies on our campuses on December 17. We will also coordinate with law enforcement should we receive any type of threat of school violence.

If you are aware of a potential act of violence directed against the Monticello Central School District, please report it to law enforcement or a school official.

Please report, don’t repost.

Statement from Sullivan County District Attorney, Meagan K. Galligan:

Press Release

Meagan K. Galligan
Sullivan County District Attorney
December 16, 2021


District Attorney Meagan Galligan updated the Sullivan County community on the status of the law enforcement investigations into multiple social media posts threatening violence in area schools this week.

While it has been determined that the students charged did not intend to carry out actual acts of violence, Galligan disclosed that multiple students from area schools have been arrested and charged with Making a Terroristic Threat. That charge, under State Penal Law, is a class D violent felony offense. “The intent of these students was to cause alarm and school closures rather than to actually physically hurt students, teachers and staff. Nonetheless, these threats are legally prohibited and these students will be held responsible and accountable for their actions in court.”

Additionally, these students and others who were associated with the threats disseminated across social media face consequences at school up to and including expulsion. Galligan noted that, throughout these investigations, school superintendents across the County have completely cooperated with law enforcement and are committed to holding their students to high standards of conduct.

The disruption to schools and the investment of significant police and other resources may result in further actions against those involved in providing access or otherwise furthering the dissemination of threats of mass violence. “As we have seen nationwide, parents and those responsible for amplifying threats may be held responsible for the consequences of this behavior,” Galligan said. She added that every legal remedy is being explored, including criminal and civil actions, as well as the possibility of lawsuits to recover restitution for costs relating to these investigations and shutdowns.

The investigations are ongoing and more arrests are expected. Police agencies serving the County, including the Village of Liberty Police, Village of Monticello Police, Town of Fallsburg Police, Sheriff’s Office and State Police are jointly conducting these investigations together with the District Attorney’s Office.