SUPA US History Classes visit the Tenement Museum

two students are posing at the tenement museum On Tuesday, March 5, Mr. Jenks and Ms. Grote’s Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) US History Classes took a trip down to The Tenement Museum in New York City. They participated in a tour called “100 Years Apart” where they got to see restored Tenement dwellings from 1860 and another one in the same building from 1960. The families who lived in those apartments had their stories told from census records which shed light on the struggles of the time and showed how such information can be used to tell a story. Students are currently learning about immigration at the turn of the century and this tour brought tangible light to their studies.  

a group of students are exploring a room in the tenement museum.




two female students are posing near a window at the tenement museum

Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) is an educational program that provides high school students with the opportunity to take Syracuse University courses in their own schools during the regularly scheduled school day. Please contact the MHS Guidance Office for more information on SUPA courses available at Monticello High School.