Guidance Department

To Our Monticello High School Family,

We are living in very challenging, and sometimes frightening times.  If you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or afraid, we want you to know that you are not alone and that there are people who are here to talk to you, listen to you, and to offer support.  If you are experiencing any of those feelings, please reach out to your school counselor, a school social worker, or school psychologist.  These people are trained to work with students who are going through a rough patch, or just need a friendly ear. Often verbalizing our feelings makes us feel better and relieves stress.  Your administrators, teachers, support personnel and all of the adults who work in the district are here to support you emotionally, as well as academically.  We are here if you need us.  Please reach out by calling or emailing, we are available to respond during school hours. **You can also reach out to any school counselor, social worker, school psychologist, teacher, or administrator through the Teams Chat​​**

Meet your Guidance Department staff

Welcome to the Monticello High School Guidance Department. To reach us, please call 845-794-8840, ext. 10951. Extensions for all Guidance staff members are listed below.

Guidance Counselors

The following guidance counselors are here to help students (assigned by first letter of a student’s last name):

Ms. Katherine Truesdell, ext 10953 (A – B)

Mrs. Cathlene Cruz, ext 10959 (C and ENL students)

Mrs. Deirdre Pezzullo, ext 10963 (D– Hi)

Ms. Ashley Weintraub, ext 10961 (HL – Mi)

Mr. Josef Seidl, ext 10957 (MO – R)

Mr. Jeffrey Mannino, ext 10958 (S – Z)

School Psychologist

Mr. Daniel Jankowski, ext 10956

School Social Workers

Mrs. Annette Rasmussen, ext 10955

Mrs. Angela Padhiar, ext 10954

Guidance Secretary

Ms. Julie Yewchuk, ext 10951

College Advisor


Administrative Team

*Interim-Principal Dr. Gary Furman, ext 10910

*Assistant Principal for Grades 10, 12 Mrs. Robyn Boardman, ext 10928

*Assistant Principal for Grades 9, 11 Ms. Samantha Lefberg, ext 10929

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