Star Lab has landed at Chase

The students at the Emma C. Chase Elementary School  School are very fortunate to have Mrs. Eileen Kolaitis a kindergarten teacher volunteer to spark their imaginations with a galactic experience in the StarLab planetarium.

A projector inside the dome displays images of constellations and planets for the students to see. Mrs. Kolaitis pointed out where the Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Orion (the hunter), the North Star and many more constellations are located in the night sky.  

Gabriela a second grader said,” It was fun!” “My favorite part about StarLab was Orion’s Belt because it has three stars in a row.”

Gavyn, also a second grader said,” My favorite constellation was Betelgeuse because it is orange and glows really bright.”

Thank you Mrs. Kolaitis!

two students stand in the hallway smiling a teacher stands in front of a row of seated students and addresses them the starlab, a silver dome-like structure inside of the Emma C. Chase gymnasium