Breakfast of champions for Ms. Grote-Turner’s class

Mother Nature took a break long enough for our illustrious high school administration to host a delicious breakfast for this year’s Toy Drive donation leaders. 

If the students in the picture look familiar, it is because this fabulous class also demonstrated their leadership and generosity during our food drive.  After raising a staggering $1,239.22 for the food drive, these students, led by their AP US History teacher, Mrs. Dawn Grote-Turner, raised another $607.57 for the Toy Drive.  Their contributions, added to the contributions from the rest of the high school, enabled the Toy Drive committee to fulfill the holiday wishes for 122 pre-school children at our local Head Start. These wishes were delivered by Santa and his elves, and after opening their gifts, our elves spent time being present for these kids.  They played with them, sang with them, and read to them.  This long-standing tradition at Monti High has spanned over three decades.