Soldiers visit with Cooke first-grade students

A female soldier, wearing army uniform is on a computer screen speaking with students
ABH1 Hinton

To kick off a unit on Patriotism, and a discussion of why we honor Memorial Day, two brave soldiers visited the George L. Cooke first-grade remote class of Ms. Joana Dutcher and Mrs. Dana Post, via Zoom. ABH1 Hinton is a soldier in the United States Navy. She is stationed on the USS Nimitz, and has been for the past few years. Jessica Hinton is a Monticello Central School District Alum, having graduated in 2007. Jessica discussed her jobs on the aircraft carrier as being a firefighter and directing jets as they land on the ship. The students asked questions such as “What happens if the aircraft carrier breaks down while out to sea?” and “How do you put out a fire on a boat?”

A female soldier is Zoom calling with students
Specialist Eltman

Specialist Eltman is a medic in the United States Army National Guard out of Pennsylvania. Lilly is a graduate of the Wayne County School District in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. Lilly discussed the jobs she has had in the fight against Covid, including be stationed in nursing homes, throughout Pennsylvania, to help heal the residents. Eltman also played a key role in giving out vaccinations to inner-city residents of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The students had questions such as “Is it hard to be a woman in the US National Guard?” and “How heavy are the packs you have to wear when you are in a battle?”

We are grateful that these two brave soldiers came to our class to share their experiences and we wish them safety and success as they continue to travel and protect the citizens of the United States of America