Send your best pics to the Yearbook Club

Help fill up the pages of the 2020-21 yearbook with memories of one of the most unconventional years ever. 

The yearbook staff strives to tell the whole story. To do so, we need your help. We’re looking for photos of everyday school life, activities and events. While we cannot guarantee that all shared photos will be published, if you don’t share, your great pictures can’t even be considered. So, what are you waiting for? Start sharing today!

Go to and enter school code: Panthers21. 

  • Locate the picture (file) you want to upload. Click on the filename to select it, click Open.
  • To upload more than one file, Ctrl-click on each filename. You can upload 10 files at a time.
  • Click each thumbnail to select it and enter information about all images. This assures that the information in the yearbook is correct, if the photos are used.
  • Click Submit Image Information when you are done.