School-related phone calls may come from unfamiliar numbers

Due to issues with our service provider, please be advised that messages from your child’s school may come from an unfamiliar number. The following phone numbers will be used to send automated messages to parents.
If you receive an incoming call from one of these phone numbers, please answer it as the message will contain important from your child’s school.

845-796-5040 – Monticello High School
845-796-5041 –  Robert J. Kaiser Middle School
845-796-5042 – George L. Cooke Elementary School
845-796-5043 – Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary School
845-796-5044 – Emma C. Chase Elementary School

Please note that these numbers are only used for outgoing automated messages – you cannot reach the school by calling these numbers. Should you need to contact your child’s school by phone, please use the number listed on the school’s website.