Renovation underway at KLR garden

students are working on a garden The Kenneth L. Rutherford garden is being totally rebuilt! For the past few months, fourth-grade teacher Mr. Lankau has been writing grant applications in hopes to fund a brand-new garden for the students at KLR. The funding was secured through several grant awards, including a grant from Whole Foods and the Sullivan 180 Healthier Generation initiative, and work has begun. 

What began as a fenced in area of uncut grass and a broken plastic shed is now becoming something more recognizable. With a team of sever hundred kids more than willing to help on their own recess time, the stone floor of the garden is almost complete. This could not have been achieved without the student volunteers.

 Mr. Lankau, his wife Karin and Alan Carroll from Sullivan 180, volunteered one of their weekends to build the garden bed. Next to arrive will be the soil. followed by the vegetable plants and fruit trees. Stay tuned for our finished project. A special thanks to MS. Langro for helping out after school shoveling stone!!