Positively RJK – Week of Feb. 15 – 26

“Positively RJK” recognizes students who have received a positive referral from their teacher in the previous week. Congratulations to the following students:

Positive Records

February 15th – 26th

Jamie Volpe – 6th grade ENL Instructor

Roman DiCio                                                                       Tiara Harris

Broden Ibarra                                                                    Dion Knight

Illianna Rodriguez                                                            Sophia Zhang

Bethany Carvajal

Jamie Volpe/ Jo Ann Kelleher/Nicole Larkin – 6th grade Instructors

Brooklyn Brown-Johnson                                             Jesus Correa

Hailey Dye                                                                           Sincere Embry

Irianys Rodriguez Mendez                                            Andres Rose

Dhairya Sharma

Laurie Oshinsky/Jen Ducey/Brittany Zuccaria – School Guidance Counselors