Password/Remote Learning Support

Technology Support

The MCSD is committed to supporting our students and families who are navigating online learning.

Can’t sign in/forgot password? 

If you need help accessing your password, please contact your child’s building:

Emma C. Chase Elementary – 845-888-2471

George L. Cooke Elementary – 845-794-8830

Kenneth L. Rutherford Elementary – 845-794-4240 (Please ask for Lisa Hummel)

Robert J. Kaiser Middle School – 845-796-3058

(Please ask for Lois Scamihorn or Becky Perez)

Monticello High School – 845-794-8840

(Please ask for Nicole Marcocci)

Can’t find assignments? Having trouble with the online learning platform? 

Are you having issues with you child’s online learning platform or accessing assignments?

Please contact your child’s teacher directly. Click here to access our Staff Directory

Microsoft Teams Training

On Sept. 15, trainers from Microsoft held a virtual tutorial on using Teams. The training was recorded and is available to watch here