Need help with SeeSaw?

On iPads: 


To Get Started through the APP: 

  1. If the Apps are not on the iPad: In the App Store or the Self Serve app, Find Classlink Launch Pad and the Seesaw App. Install them.
  2. If they are on the iPad, Open the Classlink Launch Pad App
  3. Then search for Monticello once in the Classlink Launchpad app once itsis downloaded or opened. Enter the student login and password (Firstname.Lastname) (##password)
  4. Wait 5-10 minutes
  5. Locate SeeSaw in Classlink launchpad. The student will be directed to the Seesaw App on the Home screen.

**For Students with Android Devices, the parents or teacher can call the help desk at the Parent helpline to get the unique code for that student and their device. 


To get started through the app:

  1. In the App Store, Find Classlink Launch Pad  if it isn’t on the iPad already
  2. Then search for Monticello in the Classlink Launchpad App once you are in the app
  3. Enter the your Monticello username and password
  4. Locate SeeSaw 

On Chrome or other web browser: 

  1. Open Chrome or other browser
  2. Go to 
  3. Go to Classlink
  4. Login with the username and password
  5. Click on the Seesaw icon  

Seesaw tutorial for STUDENTS (please note that you must be signed into your Monticello account in order to view)

Please visit the tech support website for more information