Ms. Ruston’s class uses their imagination

Friendsland. Campingland. Chickenland. They might sound like fantastical realms, but in the imaginations of Jen Ruston’s students at the George L. Cooke Elementary School, they are the epitome of utopia.
two students are working on a project. They are writing on a piece of paper.
After reading the book, Mattland, in which a young boy creates imaginary lands in his neighborhood with the help of his friends, Ms. Ruston put students into groups and had them work on creating their own “lands.”
two students are crouched down on the floor and looking at a project they are working on with building blocks Afterwards, the students took turns presenting their lands to each other and answering questions from their peers. Some groups created landforms and bodies of water that they had learned about in the book – mountains, volcanos, oceans and ponds. Some added their own personal touches with airports, castles, bridges and more.
two students are standing in front of another group of students. They are facing one another, and the two students are in the middle of presenting to the other group.
The project was a fun way to integrate ELA, science, collaboration and public speaking skills – and even more importantly, an opportunity for students to flex their creativity and bring their imaginations to life.