Ms. Andersen welcomes a slew of mystery readers to her class

We’re so grateful to all of the mystery readers who have been visiting Ms. Andersen’s library classes at the Emma C. Chase Elementary School! Ms. Andersen takes the surprise to a whole new level — first, the mystery reader hides in a box. Next, the kids take turns asking yes or no questions, and try to guess who the reader is. Once the students guess correctly (or they run out of questions), the reader reveals themselves and treats the students to a story.
students are seated on a rug in front of a box. A person is hiding in the box and holding up a sign that says "yes"
So far, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming the following guests, and more are scheduled to visit Ms. Andersen’s class later in the month:
Deputy Matthews
Theresa Carlin
Heather Benson Fassell
Eileen Koliatis
Ashley Hooper
Rebecca Ramos-Frey
Dr. Evans
Doug Murphy
Lynn Oakley

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