STREAM Journeys

Monticello High School Offers four different journeys to give students and opportunity to learn valuable skills that have real-world application in the following careers paths:

  • Envision and Build
  • Computer Graphics
  • Information Technology
  • Pre-Health

Why might you want to choose a STREAM Journey as a course of study?

  • Companies are in desperate need of graduates with STEM related skills.
  • Students graduating with degrees in STEM related fields are more likely to land a well-paying job directly out of college.
  • STEM occupations can make up to $50,000/year MORE than non-STEM occupations.
  • There is an 8% projected increase in STEM occupations as compared to 3.4% in other fields through 2029. (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

A.) Each journey has a required foundation course and several electives to choose from.

B.)There is a minimum of 3 credits, including the foundation course that needs to be satisfied to earn recognition at graduation.

C.) Students interested in enrolling in a STREAM Journey should speak to their guidance counselor

    STREAM Journeys

    1. Envision and Build

      • Foundation Course: Design and Drawing for Productions (DDP) (Full Year)
      • Wood 1 (Fall Semester)
      • Wood 2 (Spring Semester)
      • Manufacturing & Construction (Fall Semester)
      • Structural Engineering: (Spring Semester)
      • Alternative Energy I
      • Alternative Energy II

    2. Information Technology

      • Foundation Course: Introduction to Computer Science (Full Year)
      • C++ Programming (Fall Semester)
      • JAVA Programming (Spring Semester)
      • Introduction to the Game Industry (Fall Semester)
      • Computer Gaming (Spring Semester)
      • AP Computer Science Principles (Full Year)
      • AP Computer Science A (Full Year)

    3. Computer Graphics 

      • Foundation Course: Studio in Art (Full Year)
      • Digital Art and Animation (Full Year)
      • SCCC Computer Graphics (Full Year)
      • AP Art and Design (Full Year)

    4. Pre-Health

      • Foundation Course: Principles of Health Science
      • Medical Interventions (Full Year)
      • Anatomy & Physiology I (Fall Semester)
      • Anatomy & Physiology II (Spring Semester)
      • SCCC Chemistry for the Health Sciences (Semester)
      • SUPA Chemistry (Full Year Elective)
      • SUPA Physics (Full Year Elective)

    Why You Should Consider a STEM/STREAM Journey for Your Four Years of High School

    If you successfully complete a journey (minimum of 3 credits), it opens you up to scholarship possibilities and you will be recognized at graduation. We are also working on creating internship opportunities in the STREAM Journey concentration area that you have studied.

    Scholarship Opportunities include:

    1. NYS Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Incentive Program

    The NYS STEM Incentive Program offers a full scholarship to students interested in any STEM field. The student must be in the top ten percent of their class, plan to enroll in a SUNY or CUNY school to complete an associate or bachelor’s degree in a STEM field and agree to stay in NYS for a minimum of 5 years after graduation. To learn more, visit NYS Grants and Scholarships.

    2. The Hispanic Scholarship Fund

    The HSF Scholarship is offered to students of Hispanic Heritage with a minimum of 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 GPA scale. Applicants must plan to enroll in a full time 4-year university. All majors and graduate fields are accepted but there is an emphasis on STEM. To learn more, visit Hispanic Scholarship Fund.

    3. National Honor Society of High School Scholars Scholarship

    The NHSS Scholarship is offered to students pursuing any career in STEM or teaching a STEM subject. This scholarship provides an opportunity for underrepresented groups to receive financial aid to enter a STEM field and increase diversity in the work field. To learn more, visit NHSS Scholarship Foundation.

    What a STEM/STREAM Journey Does for Your Future

    Competition of any STEAM Journey will be reported in transcripts and can be used on college applications/resumes. You are welcome to enroll in these journeys regardless of grade point average.

    You have four Journeys to choose from:

      1. Envision and Build
      2. Information Technology
      3. Computer Graphics
      4. Pre-Health Science

    There is a growing demand for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Architecture, and Math skills. These journeys are an excellent start to developing these skills. You will have the skills necessary to go into a STEAM major.