College Sites

College and Career Planning

Web-Based College and Career Planning Resources

The Monticello High School Guidance Department is pleased to provide students and parents with two web-based college and career planning resources. Students can find colleges, scholarships, take an interest inventory and research career interest areas. These programs are available to all students in grades 9-12. Students and parents are encouraged to take advantage of the information available on both of these sites. If you have any questions about the sites or need assistance, please call the Guidance Department at 518-794-8840, ext. 10950.

Guidance Direct

Guidance Direct enables students to create their own portfolio. Listed below are the easy-to-follow directions to access and use the program:

  1. Go to Guidance Direct website 
  2. Go to student login
  3. School ID is 0527968
  4. School Password is m72s3195
  5. Create your own user name and password
  6. Explore the site, do an interest inventory, college searches, scholarship searches and resumes

Choices Planner

Students can access the second program, Choices Planner, by following these directions:

  1.  Go to Choices Planner website 
  2. The site ID is 0105681
  3. Your password is P6H9y2U4
  4. Create your own portfolio and password
  5. Explore the site, using the career and college information.

Website has free online ACT/SAT practice tests

For a chance to take ACT/SAT practice exams free of charge visit Test Prep Review website.

College Entrance Exam Dates

Registration deadlines and materials for the SATs and ACTs are available in the Student Center. Students may also sign up online at either College Board website for the SATs or the ACT website for the ACTs.

It’s never too early…

It’s not too early for seniors and early graduates to sign up on the FAFSA website to get their pin numbers for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Higher Education website helps students

Get help with financial aid questions by visiting the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation website.

Take note of this code!

Your CEEB Code is 333200. This is used on SAT and ACT registration forms as well as requested on college applications.

Online College Information for High School Students

Learn more via the Online College Information website.

Helpful websites

Interesting and helpful websites for the college-bound

FAFSA: Fill our your FAFSA form now or download a free copy of the FAFSA form from this website. The form is the Free Application for Student Aid. If you fill out the form online, parents and students need to get separate PIN numbers. This functions as signatures online.

SUNY Schools: This website provides links to all SUNY campuses, links to the online SUNY application, and a feature for prospective students to submit inquiries about any of the 64 SUNY campuses.

College Board: This website provides online signup for SAT1 and SAT2s, college searches, and financial aid information.

Career Help: This website provides career information, interest inventories, and college search information.

Scholarship Searches: This is a good site for college and scholarship searches.

NYS Higher Education Services Corporation: The New York State Higher Education Services Corporation has help with financial aid questions.