MHS staff stay well all April long

three teachers are standing and holding a wellness basketThe Healthier Generation advisor, Monticello High School teacher Amanda Depew, created amazing opportunities for the high school staff to participate in healthy initiatives throughout the month of April. Beginning April 1, there was a month-long Step into Spring challenge, creating a healthy competition to see which team could accomplish the most steps and win the fantastic gift basket. Additionally, many participated in an afternoon of yoga with Linda Morgan-Kenny, safe, masked, and socially distanced, in the high school cafeteria. Lastly, wonderfully positive messages were left in teachers’ mailboxes offering encouragement and emphasizing the need to focus on mental health along with physical health. As a result of the enthusiastic reception and participation this month, Ms. Depew has kicked off another challenge called the May Muscle Hustle. This time, instead of counting steps, teams are encouraged to count minutes of exercise, opening the tally to everything from walking, hiking, bike riding, and even swimming. 

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