MHS presents Student of Distinction Awards

This school year’s first Student of Distinction Award Ceremony was held on Tuesday, May 18, via Zoom, allowing families to attend as well as some students who were attending track meets.

A computer screen with 22 squares in a zoom call.

Teachers from each of the disciplines chose students based on their excellence in that area of study.  One common thread in all the accolades was how these students persevered and excelled, in spite of the challenge of online learning. Their tenacity and flexibility put them in the forefront as leaders by example, demonstrating that anything is possible.

  • Visual Arts – Jean Paul Serrano Garcia
  • Business/FACS/Tech – Owen Bassett
  • English – Meghan Thompson
  • Foreign Language –Spanish  – Irvin Oestrich
  • Foreign Language-French  – Eddie Chen
  • Library  – Violet Gorr
  • Performing Arts – Sophia Quiñónes
  • ENL – Emeli Barragan Mendoza
  • Social Studies – Joshua Palmer
  • Health & PE – Didi San Miguel
  • Math – Chelsea Reynolds
  • Science – Kritika Talduker

Mrs. Katie Alvarez organized the event, along with Principal Stephen Wilder who was the host of the evening. Congratulations to all our worthy recipients of Monticello High School’s third marking period’s Student of Distinction.