Message from Superintendent re: upcoming culture and climate surveys

Dear Monticello CSD Community and Staff,

Many of you will recall that we surveyed students, staff, and parents and caregivers regarding their perceptions of our schools’ cultures and climates.  The Board of Education and administration reviewed these responses and continue to make improvements to address the concerns identified.

To help us gauge progress in these initiatives and other efforts, we will be surveying these same groups, again, in the upcoming weeks.  These surveys will be shorter than the ones conducted last year.  The results will serve as a checkpoint in our progress towards achieving our district goals and vision.

Staff, students, parents, and caregivers will complete the surveys online, and all responses are anonymous.  No personally identifiable information will be collected.

Students in grades four through twelve will complete their surveys during the school day.  Staff, parents, and caregivers will receive links for the survey in an email or through ParentSquare.

Some examples of survey items that our stakeholders will be asked to reflect on include:

  • My school is a secure and orderly environment for all students and staff.
  • I believe individuals from all backgrounds are welcome at my school.
  • Adults at my school support and empower students to reach their full potential.

We value your feedback, and we will use the information gathered from this study to enhance our programs and set goals for the upcoming year.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete these surveys.  If you have any questions on them, please contact your school administrator or me.

With Monti Pride,

Matthew T. Evans, Ed. D.
Superintendent of Schools