Message from Superintendent Evans regarding antisemitic graffiti found at MHS

Earlier today, administrators became aware of vandalism in boys bathrooms at Monticello High School that contained antisemitic imagery and remarks. The bathrooms were immediately closed for student use. Our administration launched an investigation into the incident and has contacted law enforcement.

We condemn antisemitism in the strongest possible terms. We will use every resource at our disposal to identify those involved and hold them accountable, according to our Code of Conduct and other district policies.

I am particularly concerned by the events unfolding across the world and our nation that have led to an increase in antisemitic incidents. Education is a vital component of eradicating acts of hate and promoting empathy and compassion in our future citizenry.

Monticello students learn about how antisemitism has historically impacted the Jewish community. Jewish persecution throughout history, the Holocaust, the Nuremberg trials, and the creation of Israel, among other topics, are all included in our curricula.

These high school bathrooms will be fully cleaned and restored by the time our students return to school tomorrow and our high school administrators will address this incident with students and staff. They will reiterate the severity of this crime, while also emphasizing the need for tolerance and respect. Counselors will be available for any student in need of support.

In the upcoming days, the administrative team will meet to discuss how we can build upon our existing initiatives and identify new strategies to combat hatred and promote an atmosphere of inclusion and mutual respect where every student feels welcomed, safe and valued. We are also contacting the Anti-Defamation League and will utilize them as a resource in enhancing our efforts to battle antisemitism.

Acts of hatred, intolerance, and antisemitism are not acceptable in our schools.