MCSD security team enhances safety skills during conference day

While students were home for the Nov. 1 conference day, the Monticello Central School District Security Team spent an informative day reinforcing the skills and strategies they use to keep our students and staff safe every day. They participated in a series of tabletops – or, “what if” scenarios – with the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office to help familiarize them with a wide variety of situations and scenarios and the appropriate responses. They also reviewed the Code of Conduct and each building’s safety plan. Finally, Director of Security Doug Murphy, and our newest School Resource Office, Deputy Frunzi, led the team through the new high school wing so they could get the lay of the land in these new spaces.

These ongoing trainings help ensure our security team is well-prepared for unexpected scenarios, enhances their de-escalation and conflict resolution skills and helps them build the strong relationships with students that facilitate a safe environment in our hallways.

the entire security team is posing
Members of the MCSD Security Team
a group of security guards are standing in a circle. A man is in the center speaking to them
Director of Security Doug Murphy speaks to the security team
the high school security team is posing
The Monticello High School Security team

a female police officer is standing in front of a sign that says Lets Go Panthers

three security guards are posing
The St. John Street Community School Security Team