MCSD salutes its school nurses at Sept. 23 meeting

At its Sept. 23 regular meeting, the Monticello Central School District, in partnership with the Mid Hudson School Study Council held a “Salute to School Nurses” in honor of the district’s nurses. 

“Throughout the pandemic, everyone in public education has gone above and beyond in service,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Matthew Evans. “Then, there are school nurses, who have gone well past ‘above and beyond.’ Our nurses have truly set a mark of excellence in ensuring that our students, staff and community needs are met, and on top of that, responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. I can’t express enough our gratitude for what our nurses have done for this community.” 

A huge “thank you” to our esteemed school nurses: 

Michele Rosenstein
Kimberly Werbalosky
Lorrain Gervais-Jones
Carissa-Anne June
Ann Young
Susan Poli
Cherie Degraw
Jody Russell
Nancy S.

a group of school nurses standing in front of the high school auditorium and holding flowers. They are flanked by Board President Lori Orestano James and Superintendent Matt Evans