KLR third-graders celebrate Black History Month

a class is standing at the front of the room and smiling.
Third-grade Co-Teachers Kayla Lospalluto and Stephanie Roman, along with Executive Director of Special, Summer and After-School Programs Dana Taylor pose with the third-grade class

Kayla Lospalluto and Stephanie Roman’s class celebrated Black History Month with a special project. The students each selected a notable member of the Black community, researched that person, and then created a project which they then shared with their classmates. Some of the individuals that the third-graders researched included Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Pelé, Kobe Bryant and Beyonce. For one of the students, the presentation hit close to him. Tarrick’s presentation featured his father, who authored a book about how he turned his tumultuous youth into a positive direction.

For many of the students, it was their first foray into public speaking. Although many were nervous, they all took turns standing at the front of the classroom and reading their presentations aloud. It was a great way to combine literacy and cultural learning.

a teacher and student are standing at the front of a classroom. The student is reading off of a paper as his teacher looks on.
Ms. Lospalluto assists a student with his presentation