Interested in having your 5-11 year old vaccinated? Please complete this form

Monticello Central School District has been contacted by Department of Public Health to explore the possibility of hosting a COVID-19 vaccination clinic for 5-11-year-olds in the after-school and early evening hours. 

In order for us to determine if we have enough interest and then arrange the appropriate location and times for the clinic, we need parents and caregivers who are interested in bringing their child or children for their COVID vaccination to submit their child’s name and school via this online form. To reiterate, this is a form to gauge interest; so, parents who are not interested in having their child vaccinated should not complete the form. 

If you have more than one 5-11 year-old who you are interested in getting vaccinated, please fill out a form for EACH child as we need a total to relay to the Department of Public Health.