Family Support Line launches for MCSD families

EPIC has launched a family support line for parents to utilize while being home with their children during quarantine: 716-332-4111.

Operating weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., the support line is staffed by EPIC team members trained in parenting and social work. Parents are welcome to call in for help with stress management, establishing homeschool routines, positive discipline strategies and any issues that arise while being home with their children.

Callers experiencing distress or unsafe conditions will be directed to Crisis Services or other avenues. The line is open to all families, including those that have not previously attended EPIC programming.

the words Family Support Line are written on an aqua background with an image of a phone“EPIC stands by their families, especially in times of crisis,” says Tara N. Burgess, Executive Director. “We may be working remotely, but our commitment to the community does not waver.”

During the pandemic, EPIC has shifted to a primarily virtual model, offering the majority of its programs online. They also created a Coronavirus Resource Page to provide virtual homeschooling content for grades PreK – 6, as well as updates for parents.

“We are asking a lot of parents right now,” says Burgess. “Many are working from home, trying to homeschool and manage the stress of the pandemic as a whole. Others may have lost their jobs or have loved ones that are sick. Every parent needs support, and that’s why we wanted to create this line- to really be there for them.”

“In times like this, it is more important that ever that we continue to provide resources and support to our families,” says Burgess. “By offering this support line, as well as virtual content, we are truly there for them 24/7.”