EPIC hosts “Cooking in the Classroom” activity

Anyone who has read the classic children’s book knows what happens if you give a pig a pancake. But, what happens if you give a bunch of pupils pumpkin pancakes? Students in Ms. Bright and Ms. Crofoot’s class found out last week!

two young girls are mixing ingredients together at a table as a smiling woman looks on

Jane Sorensen, the Family Engagement Program Manager for the Every Person Influences Children (EPIC) program, visited students in Cindy Bright’s class at the George L. Cooke Elementary School and Karen Crofoot’s class at the Emma C. Chase Elementary School for a “Cooking in the Classroom” activity. Ms. Sorensen led students in preparing the pancakes. She demonstrated how to measure and mix each ingredient, stopping often to include students in the process and help them refine their counting and fraction skills. While the pancakes were cooking, Ms. Sorensen read the students the story “If You Give a Pig a Pancake,” and after the story was finished, served the pumpkin pancakes.

a group of young students are seated around a table. they are all holding up plates with pancakes on them

The fun didn’t stop in the classroom. Since the EPIC program’s mission is to facilitate family engagement, each student received a take home packet than included the pumpkin pancake recipe so that they could cook with a loved one at home. The packet also included an invitation to take a photo while cooking and submit it, along with a sentence sharing the experience, for a chance to win a surprise basket.

We can’t wait to see the winners!   

a group of students are posing around a table with pancakes
Ms. Crofoot’s class
a group of students are smiling
Ms. Bright’s class