Engineers in the making: Cooke Elementary students design 3D models of cup holders & grippy shoes

There are some engineers in the making at Cooke Elementary! Students in Mrs. Ruston’s 2nd grade class read about Rosie the Riveter and then became engineers themselves, working in groups to solve a world problem. Students decided to create cup holders that make cups less loud when they hit the floor, as well as grippy shoes that prevent individuals from slipping on ice. Students first drew scales out on paper and then used their iPads to design 3D models of their cup holders and grippy shoes using “Makers Empire the App”. 

Once the students created their models, they were printed at a smaller scale. At the end of the project, the students had the chance to reflect on whether their model was what they wanted or if would they have to go back the drawing board.  As you can see, we have some incredibly talented engineers in the making!